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01-03-2013, 01:42 PM
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Aaron Ward ‏@aaronward_nhl
As we discussed on #TSN this morning, small meeting dealt with the NHL changing penalties for 'hiding' HRR.The issue has been resolved.
One down

Compliance Buyouts - The NHL is willing to allow two per team but the money would be in the system (in order words, coming out of the players' share). The NHLPA wants money to be "out of the system" which essentially is their way of increasing the Make Whole.

COMPROMISE. Have one buyout allowed this year and one allowed throughout the entire CBA coming out of the players' share.

Variance - 20%. Appears to be a done deal

Contract Term Maximum - NHL wants 6/7; NHL wants 7/9. How about 6/8?

CBA length - NHLPA has apparently accepted a 10 year CBA with an out clause after 8 years.

Escrow cap - NHLPA folded and never brought it up


Cap ceiling & floor next year

or else

Disclaimer of interest....


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