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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
That's close enough to what I would say to quote it. I can see Keith being ahead of Pronger for the whole "winning" thing. But really, Keith had Seabrook (the latter is superior defensively, though Keith had an anomalistically good season in 2010 from start to finish, I imagine it would be like if Randy Carlyle was on an '81 Cup finalist - very good player just goes hog wild out of nowhere kind of deal)...anyway, Keith had Seabrook, plus an extra pairing to work with on his own team and only had to drag a low-level NHL goalie along for the ride.

Pronger had Carle with him (an inferior defensive player, who was getting passed around frequently due to his defensive work + salary), didn't have a third pairing to work with (I think it was Parent and Krajicek who went onto the ice once in a game and it was just long enough to get the puck out of their net and that was the end of their night and NHL careers really) and had to drag a minor league caliber goaltender along for the ride...

Pronger had to pull more weight behind the red line certainly, whatever that's worth.
Seabrook definitely was better defensively than Carle, but during 2010 Seabrook was not better defensively than Keith. He may have been the last couple years, but he was not back in 2010. This doesn't have anything to do with the thread, but IMO I still don't know for sure if Seabrook is better defensively than Keith...if their responsibilities and minutes where switched I wouldn't be surprised if Keith started looking better, no way to really tell without that happening. To be clear...Seabrook has been playing better defense than Keith the past 2 years, but it's difficult to know how much is due to Keith logging more minutes and having more offensive responsibilities.

Another thing to factor in from the 2010 playoffs is the caliber of offenses Keith and Pronger were facing...Through the first 3 rounds Keith went up against the 2nd, 4th, and 18th best offenses in the regular season. Pronger faced the 19th, 25th, and 30th. That has to make up for A LOT of the Seabrook/Carle difference.

Offensively, Keith and Pronger were close. Pronger had 18pts in 23 games, and Keith had 17pts in 22 games The Hawks scored 2 more total goals than the Flyers that playoff year, so team scoring isn't really a factor. EDIT: For what it's worth Keith had 2 more ESPts than Pronger, but averaged about a min more ES ice tme per game.

I'm just not seeing enough of an overall difference here to award the Smythe to the guy whose team finished runner-up.

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