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Originally Posted by Kevin27NYI View Post

Arthur also doesn't believe they will buy him out. Seems to me like these are personal opinions.

I disagree, not because I want it to happen but for business reasons.

First and foremost- Wang saves money. Insurance has run up and now Wang is on the hook. A buyout saves him money in the long run. He did it to Yashin, he can do it to DP. And finally, you can't go into BK with DP.

For business reasons alone...he needs to be bought out. He'll still be under contract 6 years beyond the move to Brooklyn. And if what we hear is true about his time in Germany...his performance has been downright terrible these last 5 seasons and each one has ended with injuries...mainly chronic knee swelling in a twice surgically repaired knee. He's suffered at least 4 concussions over his career...and has had numerous other surgeries on his hips and other knee. This was all before he signed that contract and there's ZERO chance he can live up to the terms of that contract (which are that he is an elite starting netminder). It's an opportunity to just cut the losses and let him loose.

This team cannot risk going into the playoffs with him backing up a starting netminder. You absolutely cannot rely on him to take this team on his back when called upon during critical games. That is, unless they're content on carrying 3 goalies...but it's already been demonstrated how difficult that is for the other goalies.

I suspect Snow knows this and probably wants Rick to just retire or get the buyout. I'm sure he's quite aware of what the manager over in Germany was saying about him. And judging by Snow's comments with regards to netminders since late last year...he seems focused on Nabby and then letting Nilsson/Poulin battle it out. Rick doesn't seem to be in his plans...and if he's serious about winning, Rick will need to go.

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