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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
Meanwhile, Buster Olney is continuing to do his "Top 10 ________ in the majors" pieces. Today was offensive lineups (just as hitters, ignoring defence).

The Jays placed 8th

Add this to the fact that he also said that the Jays were:

7th in starting rotations
7th in infields (counting Encarnacion as the 1B and Bonifacio/Izturis both at 2B)
an honorable mention for outfields

and things are looking pretty good.
I'm actually surprised we were top 10 in infields.

The only gold glove candidate I see is Lawrie. Reyes is a good defender but there are a handful of better defensive SS. Izturis and Bonifacio are similar to Reyes imo, although I'll admit I haven't seen a ton of EB at 2nd... and EE hasn't ever played a full season.

But I will admit we've got a ton of potential defensively.

For the first time since I can remember we don't have a guy who I'm going "please god don't hit it to _______"

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