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01-03-2013, 02:18 PM
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From dominating everyone in the last lockout and going on a 5 year streak for gold to losing and being dominated by the US 5-1 in the semi finals of a best on best WJC.. what has happened?

It's obviously dissapointing but nothing has happened other than canada played a bad game and that game happened to be an elimination one.

Suppose we had our best talent every year since the tournament started. Do you really believe we would have won EVERY SINGLE tournament..Ofcourse not. But because we know for a fact that NHL restrictions were the reason for our losses in 2010, 2011...possibly 2012 and many other years since this tournament started...we assume that it was the reason this year...Obviously it was not....we simply didn't win this year..because we didn't win...we lost...and we will lose again...and we will win again..and everybody has to take a deep breath..a step back..have a beer and realize that we didn't even send a national team, but a memorial cup champion for the first 8 years of the tournament, got dq'ed once, and have only ever sent our full lineup 3 times, and could easily have over 20 of these in the bank. Losing sucks...but we're gonna get up for the next one and realize that till the end of time we will have as good of a chance as any nation on any given year to hoist that trophy and we will again....and again....and again...and maybe 3 times in a row....and maybe 5 times in a row. just chill dudes..we're canada.

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