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It is not coaching -Spott is a very good coach..

Look--Canada just did not show up to start the down and could never climb back out of the hole the dug for themselves...
Once up by 2 the Americans smelled victory--maintained their confidence and execution right to the end...Canada almost knew it was over...HOWEVER if some
shots had beaten Gibson and gone in THEN perhaps the "mo" and confidence of the agressive attacking,forechecking and speed transition American style would have changed to more caution and less confidence..Canada did not crack Gibson and so that mo really never changed ...Conversely even if you can't blame Subban for the American goals against him before being yanked -it aLAWAY DOES ome down to a goalie SAVING THE DAY until his slow to get in focus team can turn the "mo" that regard SUBBAN did fail as any kind of SAVIOUR when the team in front of him just did not come with their A game -more like a D game early ...THAT spelled LOSS..

When Canada won golds --we always had GREAT GOALTENDING to save us--especially when we just di not bring our A game or in games we did and the goalie MAINTAINED leads ..

INSTEAD our recent lack of success has seen goalies FAIL to SAVE us from poor starts in semi-final games or FAIL to maintain leads in semior final games ..

So the lack of SAVIOUR GOALIES to bail us out is a huge reason we are not winnig Golds...

Another aspect: THE USA uses its speed and some pip-squeak forwards to take advantage of the big ice in euro-rinks ...Canada was demonstrably slower and was reluctant to hit more to slow down the USA speed for FEAR of penalties and too much USA PP chances .We can never win letting the USA speed run so free..Instead you MUST hit them a lot more -must be great on the Pk and must have a goalie saviour as the last line to bail you out fighting off more Pk's -do that and USA willbe thrown off their confidence ...

Canada had little offense from our D-men --compare that to what Trouba, Jones and Mcabe gave them...

I think CANADA must re-think its development programs for goalies and D-men --we need better contributions from those 2 areas ...AS to forwards--the model of 2 scoring lines a checking 3rd line and a limited role 4th line is no longer good enough-we need 3 scoring lines and 1 checking line--we need more attack and danger on transitioning the other way -we need to make opponents more cautious than they are now only worrying about stoping just ourtop 2 lines ..

Finally --there was a huge FAIL from out TOP (alleged) players--RNH,HuBERDEAU,JENNER,STROME,HAMILTON ,SCHEIFELE ---while we might survive one or two of them having stinker games --MOST TEAMS can't survive all of their top six guys having mediocre to stinker games --this is not coaching --let the psyhologits decide why all 6 "NHL'ers" failed at the crucial game -I can't fathom it ..
Might have been a different games if 3 or 4 of these top six "star" players had played with their a game as we desperately required--when they buckled instead of bringing their best effort-IT WAS OVER!

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