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01-03-2013, 02:24 PM
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This is what's wrong with Canada at the WJC

For starters i'd like to congratulate Both the US and Sweden for making it to the Finals. The US just plain outworked Canada and they were by far the better team. They deserved the win.

Now on to the topic at hand. I've been reading over these boards over the past weeks and I see posts blaming Subban or posts blaming Spott (who I think did a **** job), blaming undersized defenseman etc..You can't place blame on one single player or person.

We have to look at this as a collective group. I posted this in another thread and will repost here:

This may be nonsense to most but to me there is far too much "Hollywood" going on for Canada in the world Jr's lately. I'm not sure if it's arrogance or what but overall the players just seem different. Is it they feel too comfortable? Are all of these interviews mid game having an impact on their overall mindset. Do we really need to see what type of drill Ryan Murphy does to improve his footwork?

Get some hard ass Sutter or other old school coach in there and have these kids realize making team Canada and then showing up doesn't give you jack. They haven't won anything yet. The gatorade commercials and press conferences can follow after a gold medal.


The overall feel of the World Jr's is just wrong now. It's become a way for major Canadian companies to feed off our emotional attachment to this tournament. Everything is Media this or twitter that. Everything is made far too easy for these players on this team.

Did I hear they had Tuesday off? WHAT? 2 days before the biggest game of some of these kids lives and they have the day off laying around playing video games? I'm trying to make sense of this.

Phil Housley sat one of his best forwards Grimaldi on the pines for almost an entire game.

Get rid of these coddling of egos, get rid of this sense of accomplishment for making team Canada and just showing up, Instill some damn fear into these kids/men (they are mature enough to realize the importance of this tournament to millions of Canadians). Strip away all laptops, cell phones or any type of other distraction, and have them realize that they haven't won anything yet.

Instead of having Ryan Strome worrying about what he's going to say to Nabil Karim on a live interview with TSN, perhaps during the 2nd intermission he should be worrying about how the hell he's going to create some momentum going into the 3rd.

To sum up my rant:

It's not the development of Canadian players, I think it's safe to say Canada had the most talent on paper. There is WAY too much Hollywood and other distractions for Team Canada going into and during the Tournament.

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