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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I don't think KC will take a QB at #1. I think they will take whatever QB out of Barkley, Smith, Glennon etc. that falls to the 1st pick of round 2.

I don't like Art worrying about football strategy since it's not his area of expertise. I'd leave it to the coaches but I don't think what they do schematically or want to do philosophically is that out of date. A lot of teams run dink and dunk offenses including some very high powered offenses and it is important to run the ball better. That will take a ton of pressure off of Ben since he pretty much has to do everything for the offense right now.
Dink-and-dunk itself isn't necessarily outdated, but the Steelers' play calling is. Too much run, run, pass or run, bubble screen, pass. They shut down their own running game by being predictable. I think the reasons plays were called like that was because there was too much emphasis on time of possession. Those other dink-and-dunk teams you mentioned are much less predictable and actually take shots down field, and use a lot of no huddle (which actually helps their running games). They emphasis scoring over time of possession. That's where the Steelers are stuck in the past.

They say this to protect Ben from injury, or protect the defense form potentially getting into a shootout. But can you play like that? Can you play scared and worry about what "could" happen all the time? What happened to grabbing a game by its throat and dominating using your best players? At some point, you just have to go out an play and not worry about what "could" happen. Next season, let Ben try and win the games early so late game dramatics are not necessary as often as they were this season.

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