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Originally Posted by Classic Devil View Post
The most important thing Volchenkov brings is his physicality. His hitting is why he got a $4M contract instead of a $3M contract in UFA. I do think he's an important asset, but what it comes down to is if he isn't providing a physical element - an intimidation element - to the blue line, he isn't living up to his contract.

(His physicality and its contractual value is why DATW constantly believes he's not worth what he's getting paid, because a great physical game is worth approximately the same as a great offensive game for a defenseman on the UFA market.)

I'm okay with his contract, if he's bringing both solid defense and terrific physicality. Even in the absence of a good puck-moving game. You need at least one guy on a lineup who forwards say "I'd really rather not get hit by that guy."
I agree with your post, 100%... outside of his contract. I do agree that we need a "bruiser", just not at that price. The same can be said for the goons Lou likes to pick up year after year only to buy them out 12 months later.

I just don't see the need to "overpay" for a SAH d-men who's skating isn't all that great. The game has changed, it's faster so you need guys that will keep up with the pace of top line players and when you try to land booming hits 9 times out of 10, you'll either miss or take a penalty cause it's all about timing and if you can't keep up, you're out of position more often then not. How many penalties did he take because he wanted to crush someone but the opposing player either dodged his hit or simply outskated him?

Let's forget about his game for a second and focus on what DeBoer wants as a system. He's trying to install a puck possession game, wich is the total opposite of what Lemaire was doing. Jacques made Mike Mottau look like a real legit NHL player by implementing a "zone" defense and that's fine but he isn't here anymore and Pete doesn't want to play that way. He wants our blueline to get involved way more then our previous coaches but unfortunatly, that style doesn't suit everyone. We saw the benefits of adding someone like Zidlicky and his icetime went accordingly.

Playing with 5 players in the offensive zone isn't a plus, it's something that should happen on every shift. Forwards were hesitant to pass the puck to the point cause they knew a turnover was bound to happen a couple of seconds after that and the last thing you want as a forward is to chase the puck for your entire shift instead of creating offense. You tire your opponent when you have control of the puck and you don't spend as much energy running all over the place trying to get it back... so it's a double bonus if you will.

There's a balance between skill and muscle that every team needs in order to be effective... it's just that you have to pay accordingly. Most of the high priced blueliners, if not all of them, are all offensively gifted d-men... not SAH d-men.

Anyways... back to work

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