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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
With all due respect, that's nonsense. Of course they want to play -- what hockey player wouldn't like to play? Hossa has publicly stated he's ready to go, just has nowhere to play right now. Gáborík had no injury, but a surgery (a subtle difference, eh?). It was common expectation he would start playing in the NHL in December, so there's no reason on earth for him to want to skip the entire season.
Well Zubrus for example has said he's just happy to have some rest. They are veteran players, don't know if they really do have that much passion for the game. You say of course they want to play - Why? Maybe they just don't. For many great players hockey is just a job (Brett Hull, Glenn Hall, Terry Sawchuk to name a few).

These guys are stars and they have to think about themselves and their priorities first. And if I was a star player my priority would be either winning or money. There are plenty of teams you can offer both shot at the title and decent salary for star players. Slovan, on the other hand, only offers early playoff exit (best case scenario) and money enough to pay for your food.

Gaborik had surgery because of injury, nobody's having surgeries just for fun. So don't really know what's your point on that one. And saying there's no reason on Earth for him to want to skip the entire season is ridiculous. He's small player who had many many injuries throughout his career and if he's not paid enough he just won't risk his NHL job. Hossa is pretty much in the clear on this one as he has a contract until the end of his career but Gaborik has contract year coming up and A LOT of money at stake.

So speaking about that "no reason on earth" stuff, I hope I've made my case about how he has few huge reasons and really big decision to make here.

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