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01-03-2013, 02:35 PM
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I don't know why so many are against the OP... a season ticket purchase was for a certain product being delivered, that product was for 42 games (1 preseason and regular season) or in the OPs case, a partial plan, with scheduled dates beginning in early October. The buyer is entitled to what he agreed to purchase or he is entitled to his money back. Nothing has been delivered yet, and if they do play, the games will be squeezed into a tighter time frame. If you purchased a car, furniture or clothing and it is still not delivered over 3 months after their scheduled date, you don't think that you can get a refund and cancel your order? Dates cancelled due to a lockout are the responsibility of the club selling the tickets not the buyer, they are the one who broke the verbal or written contract. I got my refund for Barclay's immediately, the Islanders have been mum on this except to ask me to pay additional money to hold tix for when they move (which of course resulted in a resounding no).

I have not asked for my money back and will go to whatever games there are this year. However, the one time i called to discuss they tried to tell me that for the lost portion of what I paid, they would either give me extra seats or count it towards next year. that is not happening, I will get my money back for any games less than what I paid for.. they also switched my rep during the summer after I had paid, the first act of the new rep was to leave me a rude voice message with no pleasantries just saying I owed an additional $500 (which was totally false since i paid in full, it was their accounting error and so bad that it is scary that it even occurred).

The reason why tickets were bought in the spring was due to incentives and discounts. If you knew for sure that you wanted tickets for this season it made sense, there was and still is no doubt in my mind that I will get my money back for any unused portion and if the islanders try to fight this with their fans they do not have any legal ground to stand on unless they go bankrupt. I did not sign a thing, my email trail linking me to my purchase specifically states the dates and seats I was purchasing (because I have my seats split between two sections depending on the game), and I have spoken to my credit card company to confirm. The lockout was certainly a possibility but was not a certainty. The team solicited ticket purchases then, and their product in return was hockey. They did not deliver. The purchaser has every right to demand their money back.

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