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01-03-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
this summer: War of the Worlds meets 28 Days Later.
What`s After Earth with Will Smith then? Saw the trailer today, looks interesting.

Just came back from cinema. Went to see Les Miserábles. Wasn`t impressed with Hooper`s work again (didn`t like King`s Speech much), but more importantly with the screenplay. He skinned the original to the bone, so it`s not just worse than the book (that happens a lot in general), but also worse than the original. The worst part is that it`s a three hour movie.

As for the cast, how on earth do you cast Hugh Jackman as the main character when he`s not a naturally good singer? He was "making noises" or "rapping" half of the time and ending every sequence with an opera impression. It sounded ridiculous, especially in duets with better singers.

Russell Crowe was damn solid, liked him a lot. So was Anne Hathaway, although her low register is a bit squeaky. I was really impressed with Amanda Seyfried. Never heard her sing before.

I guess it`s worth taking a look when it comes out, but I`d never recommend anyone to go see it in the cinema.

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