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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
The problem is that anything west of the eastern time zone is considered west. However, there are 4 time zones (and only one conference spans all of them), and if you divide that in half, then Winnipeg would be in the eastern half. At the very least, they're in the central, which is closer to the east than the west.
As we know, time zones are a big deal. Even one team one time zone away is a huge inconvenience for eastern teams.

The league is divided into east and anything west of the eastern time zone (with exceptions), because the league obviously needs at least one 7pm ETZ team in the finals, preferably from the northeast corridor, which is why they stuck all the expansion teams in the SE division (sorry Washington) so they wouldn't have to deal with them too much.
Gotta watch it for only making a gft post (being serious, not sarcastic), but man you stated a good bit of truth in that post. I added in specifier with the second bolded part (because of course every TZ has a 7pm).

There seems to be a few Kings fans around here that I regularly agree with on a number of topics. I may have to do a little sociological investigation to see if I can discover why.

The whole NHL is designed for the convenience of the northeastern region. But fans from that area will argue that,... 'rightly so, since the population is there.'... Regardless of the fact that the US-Canadian center of population is more in the region of St Louis.

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