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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I do think the offense needed more dink and dunk to it, not only to avoid more injuries, but also cut down on the negative yardage plays like sacks etc. which they did.

I also don't think it was play calling as much as execution. It's amazing how Denver's OC Mike McCoy is now a genius play caller ever since he got Peyton Manning to start executing his plays. He didn't look like a genius with Tebow or Kyle Orton etc.

Injuries more than anything really slowed the running game in the 2nd half of the season imo. Losing Colon and Adams really hurt them. They were doing some good things in the run game before those two went down. DeCastro didn't have an ideal season either because of the injury. You want him to get his feet wet early in the season and be playing at a much higher level late in the year as he gets used to the league. He had to get his feet wet late in the season and never really helped the team as much as he's capable of.

I also think they took shots down field but people forget about it because the plays weren't made. How many times did Ben and his WR's barely miss making a play deep? I remember way too many deep balls bouncing off Wallace's hands incomplete.

I hope Haley doesn't leave. I'd love to see him get another year and hope that the Steelers get better at executing his stuff and that he also gets better at calling plays for our players as he becomes more familiar to what the players on this team can do.
So just because some deep balls are overthrown or aren't caught means they shouldn't do it?

Play calling has been a problem with Haley this year. His 2nd half play calling in the first Raven game, the play calling in Denver (run, run, pass), the play calling against Cincy (run, run, sack after Allen's first INT, 5-wide on 3rd & 1 in the red zone). Too many situations where Ben had to bail the offense out on 3rd and long after failed bubble screens and runs up the middle. It's stale. It's predictable. It's too close to the vest.

The emphasis this season was on time of possession - that was a mistake. That kind of play doesn't take pressure off of a defense, but rather puts more pressure on it. The offense basically sat on it for the majority of the game, hoping the defense kept them in it, so Ben could pull a miracle out of his ass in the last 2 minutes. They didn't attack defenses, they just played scared.

Teams like the Patriots, Broncos, and Packers didn't fret over time of possession. They attacked. They used no-huddle. They actually take shots down field. They exerted themselves on the other team. And it didn't just benefit their QBs. Those teams ended up having better running games than the Steelers did. Perhaps that should be the indication that the Steelers aren't going about fixing their running issues in the right manner by stubbornly calling more runs up the middle on 1st and 2nd downs.

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