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Originally Posted by Retail1LO View Post
A quick look at that list...several Cup wins, several appearances. Some have thrived and done so in relatively short order. What this list really brings to light is just how awesome some ownership and management groups have been...and how utterly miserable others have been.

It's not where the teams were put that was the issue. It's whom the teams were given to, and whom they subsequently hired to run the teams. Markets fail when ownership and management fail. This is a fact. You put a winning team in any market, and eventually you're going to draw a rabid fan base. That's just how it works. No one falls in love with a losing team. No sport becomes ingrained in a region if it never ever sees a winner.
Correct! This is another reason a cap is bad. It handcuffs owners who truly want to build a great product and will invest in their product to do so.

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