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01-03-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesBeBack View Post

Yet we conveniently forget how the players allllllll did one thing during the players - owners meeting, only to come back the next morning and change their tune in a complete role reversal because of Fehr.

Yeah, let's pin all of this on the owners.

BOTH sides are playing games. So let's stop acting like a bunch of 23 year olds aren't playing any games.
I have said on plenty of occassions the players are wrong. However, the absolute venom being spewed by some against the players is absolutely ridiculous. Like was said in the last thread, seems obvious to me that many on here are jealous that these guys make so much money to play a game while they are just a working stiff and that these players are just "employees".

I would LOVE to see Bettman and Jacobs tell the players in a meeting they are just employees and then laugh at how fast this process crumbles to the ground.

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