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01-03-2013, 03:18 PM
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It appears to me that we have come down to this:

The owner's want to drop the cap ceiling, which lowers the floor. That's it.

They have unlimited escrow, yet they still won't get off the lower cap, lower floor thing. That makes this ENTIRE exercise about helping the bottom 10 markets. It's a major kick in the teeth to the paying customer in cities (Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Boston etc) who pay the highest prices and sell out. Meanwhile, with a lower floor, teams in bad markets who have low prices get to continue running their business poorly and make money doing it.

**** the owners.

I was 50/50 before. No longer. As a fan of a well run, profitable team I can not tolerate a league that changes the rules so quickly, forcing my GM to partially dismantle his team just so garbage market teams can stop losing their shirts.

I hope the players stand firm and the season gets **** canned. Dropping the cap to 60 AND getting unlimited escrow proves the owners' greed. Instead of a triple they are trying to hit a home run with this CBA.

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