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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Lundqvist is not likely to be ranked ahead of Giacomin, and rightly so, due to longevity.

But I'd take his sv% record over Giacomin's, easily, once league size and divisional parity are taken into consideration.
Did anything Giacomin did outside of the 1966-67 to 1970-71 time frame add anything to his value?

1965-66 (his rookie year): Giacomin 35 GP, 3.68 GAA. Maniago 28 GP, 3.50 GAA. Simmons 12 GP, 4.36 GAA.
(Then his 5 All-Star years)
1971-72: Giacomin 44 GP, 2.70 GAA. Villemure 37 GP, 2.09 GAA
1972-73: Giacomin 43 GP, 2.91 GAA. Villemure 34 GP, 2.29 GAA
1973-74: Giacomin 56 GP, 3.07 GAA. Villemure 21 GP, 3.53 GAA
1974-75: Giacomin 37 GP, 3.48 GAA. Villemure 37 GP, 3.16 GAA

After 1975, Giacomin never played more than 33 games. So where does Giacomin beat Lundqvist in longevity, again? Giacomin has 5 All-Star seasons. Then 5 more seasons where he played in a tandem, and his tandem partner outperformed him (sometimes badly) in 4 of them! In Giacomin's best post-1971 season (1975), he didn't get a single vote for the All-Star team. Then he has 3 more seasons of 33, 33, and 9 games played.

I hate to keep talking about a player who isn't available yet, but if you think Lundqvist has been at least a borderline star every year since the lockout, that beats Giacomin 7 years to 5. And that's not even talking about what happened during the lockout year.

Seriously, what does Giacomin add to his resume outside of 1966-67 to 1970-71? I'm open to arguments that he did something of note during this time, but I'm really close to seeing him as someone like Guy Lafleur, where his quality of play outside his peak was low enough where it can almost be thrown out entirely. Add in Giacomin's weak playoff record, and I really don't see anything of note outside of his 5 regular seasons.

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