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01-03-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by King Panther View Post
No, goals are not goals. In minor leagues, there are all types of scoring opportunities that do not exist in the NHL because the caliber of play is much higher. Stated a different way, it is much harder to score in the NHL than in minor leagues. So it is completely fair to discount certain goals because they came off an opportunity that will never (or possibly much less frequently) exist in the nhl.

Say a player can score at a certain percentage off of a certain scoring opportunity, for example, on scoring opportunity A (lets say a slap shot from the point in a 5 on 4 situation with a player in perfect position to block the goaltenders view of the shot and no defender in the shooting lane), player X can score 10% of the time. A season goes by and scoring opportunity A presents itself 100 times. Player X scores 10 goals that season from those opportunities. Now player X gets to the NHL where scoring opportunity A presents itself only 10 times a season. Now player X will only score one goal off that opportunity.

My example isn't perfect, but the principle it is trying to demonstrate is true. There are plenty of goals that can be scored on lesser competition that cannot be reproduced in the future against a higher level of competition. So not all goals are goals, as you put it.
Wow, really?

You completely missed the point here. I never said it would be anything in the NHL. Kosov scored a natural hat-trick, which is true. And maybe those goals wouldnt go in the NHL, but that was never the point either. He's is playing vs the best in the world in his own age-group and doing it. If it will translate to the NHL etc, was never a part of the discussion.

But Kosov got upside. They way he crashes to the net, going for the re-bounds. He could become a pretty decent power-forward in the future for the Panthers.

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