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01-03-2013, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Cowherd is the worst. He was in love with Dallas up until Sunday night.

For those who want some in depth look into something curious check this out:
Those folks do some nice work. I'm guessing a Seahawks fansite could compile something very similar by cherry picking bad plays by the Redskins over the course of a season as well. That's not to say that the Redskins won't be able to exploit some of those breakdowns, but that also doesn't mean that a handful of bad plays are indicitive of a defense's overall ability.

I admire all of the enthusiasm but the bravado might be getting a bit overboard. People act like having the Seahawks favored in the game is some sort of slap in the face. The Redskins were 2-2 all year against playoff teams and only 1 win during the winning streak was against a playoff squad, and that was an improbable OT win against the Ravens. Combined record of teams faced during the run was 48-64. Seattle closed the season 7-1 against teams with a combined record of 62-64-2.

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