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01-03-2013, 03:35 PM
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OSB to bid on 2015 ASG. Petersen selected as team's first All-Star.

I'd prefer 2016 for one reason. People acquainted as much as I am with the team can probably figure out what that is.

Go on. Do it. Do. it.

When are the Lightning bidding on the NHL All-Star game? These years probably shouldn't overlap, unless Orlampa is just going to run the table one year, although I fear Orlando's game will suffer because of it.

b/c of the lockout ending Ryan Reaves has returned to the St. Louis Blues.

The Bear added Jonathan Juliano and Lee McClure. Looking at McClure's career, I can't say I'm impressed with him. He failed to make Pensacola (SPHL) on a try-out.

And although he got a shot with the Bloomington Blaze (CHL), he got shipped back after 0 pts in 9 games. I can't say I see the appeal of him on numbers alone.

We're going back there, aren't we?


I see this thread gets quite a bit of consistent traffic. I'm guessing that there's a need for content, but I don't know exactly what you guys want. Maybe the team should provide something worth writing about. They've got Bettman-like job security for a reason.

I didn't help will this team back into existence to see them lose.

Since I'm fixing the problems, how about injuries? I didn't buy all the injury time Lampman had, but I'm also not in the room, nor do I have the first hand experience with injury timelines, which the coaches would, but the amount of injuries is concerning, as I'm not seeing these injuries. I'm not seeing guys in pain. I'd think about maybe taking a look at the doctors themselves.

Let me give an example of where I'm coming from:

and I don't even make it much of a secret I'm incredulous about chiropratic. It's recognized by neither the American or Canadian medical associations.

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