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Originally Posted by Matt Damon View Post
Did anybody get a chance to watch Maatta? Before the tournament I had Finland as a darkhorse and thought Maatta would shine on the big stage, but had zero points and he missed a game. Injury?
Stomach flu or something like that. Was clearly sick at Sweden game

He played ok. Not bad not great. Didn't step up when needed. Same with the whole team.

Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
Huberdeau wasn't very good on the wing, and I think Scheifele would have been a much better player at center, too. Camara and Scheifele play together in the OHL, and Drouin and MacKinnon are together in the Q. Why those two combos weren't tried more is beyond me. I think they could have, and should have tried for four balanced scoring lines. They had the centers to try it this year: Nugent-Hopkins, Strome, Scheifele and MacKinnon. It would have been interesting.

Also, I'm not a big Leafs fan but Morgan Rielly was clearly under-utilized. He's a LOT better than Murphy and Ouellet, and he should have been on the first PP unit.

I really didn't understand their total faith in Subban, either. That said, he was the main reason they beat USA the first time, and he was really really good against the Russians too. They didn't lose because of goaltending.
Ouellet and Rielly are/were at he second pp unit; Hamilton and Murphy at 1st pp unit.

Ouellet and Rielly got something like 20 secs of pp time at his game against USA, the rest of almost 4 minutes went to Murphy and Hamilton.

Murphy is still pointless.

Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post

This motivated me to go look something up. He was listed at 6'1" and around 175, so that probably rules out the size critique, although he's pretty skinny by NHL standards (normal for a young kid). Maybe it was that he lacked a physical element to his play relative to his size? I can't really recall what the knock was but I seem to remember people doing the ole "Shero / Bylsma won't draft a player with his style of play" thing while the discussions were going on.

Then someone who lives in either Finland or Sweden (can't recall) said he was way overrated (that he had watched him play quite a bit), and he was glad we didn't pick him. Or something to that effect.
Doubt it was physicality.. he's pretty good on that department.

He wasn't terrific in Allsvenskan last year for sure; got like 4th line minutes and probably didn't deserve more (I'm not the guy you mentioned, to be clear).

He has good hockey sense but doesn't always use he's linemates effectively. Including this tournament. Finishing isn't top-notch. He's still raw but the tools are definitely there. But atm he looks more of a like a player that needs to have the puck to be effective; or at least he plays that way. He can make he's own scoring chances and that's what he tries to do. Though he's linemates haven't been that impressive this tournament either. They switched them couple of games ago and it seemed to work.

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