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01-03-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JeremyNYR View Post
I think it it's a bad of words to call what's being proposed a "20-team playoff". It makes it look from the surface like the playoffs are being diluted, but they really aren't. It's still a 16 team playoff with 4 7-game series, but you have one more challenge to get in if you're in 7th through 10th place. I know if my team were in 7th to 10th place, I wouldn't consider them "in the playoffs" until AFTER they win that one game.

If it were a 3-game series, I'd agree that it's effectively an additional round of playoffs, but at 1 game, it feels much more like it's for the right to be in the post-season.
But that's unfair! I want a fair playoff where the best team at the time wins!

I dont want one where a single freak incident can (and will) make deserving teams lose! (I once again point you to the DISASTER that was the one game ''playoff'' game in the MLB.) In a best of seven series, such an incident has little impact, since the best team should come out on top in the end.

I want the best team to win. The idea that a team that finished 8th needs to be penalised is just dumb. I want fair playoffs, where all teams in it have the same shot at victory and the best teams in seven games series advancing.

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