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01-03-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by unifiedtheory View Post
If you're selling 4 tickets and 4 hot dogs and 4 beverages for $200 along with free parking then yes, it is.

Ask fans in Vancouver paying $150 a ticket, $10 a beer and $40 to park if they want to prop up bad markets, all the while the quality of the product suffers.

Same cap this year as was scheduled.

67 million (with a floor set to the 60 million dollar level) for 13/14.

Fully linked cap for 14/15.

This allows well built and planned teams to stay how they INTENDED. With no cap on escrow there is no risk for owners.
That's part of the damn problem. Fans should take a stand and say, "We aren't paying over $100 for tickets." As long as fans are willing to pay that in any area, they will have to pay that in the area. Owners charge whatever they can get from fans. If the fans could get control of their spending, they could bring ticket prices down.

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