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01-03-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by unifiedtheory View Post
If you're selling 4 tickets and 4 hot dogs and 4 beverages for $200 along with free parking then yes, it is.

Ask fans in Vancouver paying $150 a ticket, $10 a beer and $40 to park if they want to prop up bad markets, all the while the quality of the product suffers.

Same cap this year as was scheduled.

67 million (with a floor set to the 60 million dollar level) for 13/14.

Fully linked cap for 14/15.

This allows well built and planned teams to stay how they INTENDED. With no cap on escrow there is no risk for owners.
I can drive an hour to St. Louis, park for $5, pay $20-25 for a ticket, and watch the second best baseball team (IMO) of all time. Your prices are outrageous because you'll pay them...Not because Columbus/Florida/Phoenix has attendance problems.

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