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01-03-2013, 03:51 PM
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This is what its come down to? Not coming to a compromise for a cap figure +/- 5M, are you ****ing serious?

If the small markets teams are whining so much about lowering the floor and ceiling, maybe they shouldn't be in a major sports league thats in the midst of a 110 day labor strife because of them. (Or should I say, the commissioner allowing them to exist).

If the cap was going up to 70+ and has increased each year with significant growth of the sport recorded, why is 5 M such an issue? And has anyone spoken of the fact that revenue sharing is going to be featured in this new agreement? Does that money in the small market teams' pocket (coming from the outrageous ticket prices in places like Manhattan) account for ANYTHING?

**** them. Make it 63M and be done with it so certain teams who actually have an extended fan base dont have to watch their teams get dismantled to get under the cap.

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