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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Indeed, precisely what it is, "conjecture" based on the facts that I/we have available. If something else is relevant and as of yet unpublished or unknown, do share. I base my opinion's on fact's.... which includes btw that while playing out of the downtown AWA, attendance was not entirely anemic, actually fairly healthy, and particularly so during their first 7seasons, playing above .500 and making the playoff's every year but one. However, the Lease with Colangelo was dreadful, the actual in-game experience lousy as a lot of seating was obstructed as configuration for hockey from a basketball specific venue usually is and when Ellman & Gretzky acquired the team in 2001, the bottom pretty much fell out of the boat in terms of the on-ice "product" thereafter. Never mind the nonsense being perpetrated off-ice in Glendale, the move to the job, followed by the Lockout, market & sub prime mortgage meltdown that hit Arizona & Phoenix particularly harshly....
exactly, the people arguing about phoenix and atlanta just want to say "hockey doesn't belong in the US" "non traditional markets" blah....same old

if people would read the facts about the phoenix or atlanta mess, or had been to phoenix to games before or after the move......

and the whole people in the south love nascar........

never been to a sprint cup series, never want to, sounds boring to me, but some people love it........ and go look at the schedule, over half the series is not played in the south, and there is only one game in 2013 played in Ga.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that phoenix is doomed..... but it isn't the fault of Bettman and it isn't the fault of the fans and it's not because it isn't in a climate that doesn't have "pond hockey."

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