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Originally Posted by espo* View Post
Not only was it clear we were the best team far and away by the end of that tournament but "overall body of work" counts for jack all when you get soundly outplayed and beaten 5-2 in the Gold medal game.

And soundly outplayed they clearly were.

Absolutely atrocious reasoning being used by PV there.
Tell me, why is it that it's okay for Canadians to play the "we were the better team despite the outcome" card when they lose, but when an American like me does it, he gets flamed? Can you say "double standard?"

We were the best team in the 2002 tournament. You were the best team in the gold medal game. Prior to that we had not lost a game (you got clobbered in Game 1 by Sweden), we came into the semis with a +18 goal differential versus your -1 (that's MINUS 1), we played a real team in the semis (and beat them) rather than get a undeserved gift game against Belarus, and we outscored Finland and Germany by a combined 11-0, while you outscored them only 6-4.

Yes, you were better in the gold medal game. Congrats for being better for three hours of a two-week tournament. But stop patting yourself on the back with your "soundly outplayed" garbage. If I recall, shots on goal were pretty close (about 36-32 or something) and the game was tight until you scored a couple of late goals on the counterattack towards the end of the game when we were pressing all 5 guys forward to try and get that tying goal. You were better, but you did not "soundly outplay" us. You're just thumping your Canadian chest by saying that.

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