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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
1)With a better coach we would have probably won the slovak and czech games and we wouldn`t have to worry about relegating.
Your missing my point.
If I would think that our team is that useless that a change of coaches wouldn't affect the outcome of some games, then I wouldn't want that Tambijevs gets fired.
Of course I believe that our team utilized well would perform at a different level then now. However our team, even with a good coach, hasn't got a lot of potential, namely the best we could technically do, is barely avoid the relegation round or more confidently survive the relegation round. But that's it.
At the end of the day this WJC won't be nothing more but a place where our players get the chance to compete with the best of their own age.
We will never compete for medals in a WJC and your suggestion that our team would benefit by losing tomorrow is absurd!!
Yes we probably would become a better team with a different coach and I agree with that, but we will never become THAT much better, that it would be worth to lose tomorrow.
Your expectations about our team are way too unrealistic. It's sad that Tambijevs wastes most of the talent that he could utilize instead, but we aren't as good as you think. Your speculations which teams we could beat with a different coach are meaningless. We simply don't know, maybe we would have won Czech's maybe we wouldn't have.
Either way getting relegated is not worth it and we shouldn't wish that to our team.

The idiots who hired Tambijevs as the head coach for our WJC should realize that our team under performs without us actually getting relegated and should fire him.

Hence, Go Latvia!

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