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Originally Posted by Ringmaster316 View Post
i think me means its bush league to crown a winner with so little games played compared to what others teams have had to go threw in the past...i agree 48 games is stupid(anything under 68-64 games is bush league)...i would rather they cancel the season eventhough canucks have a great shot to win with only 48 games played
By that logic, anything prior to the original expansion is bush league, since those teams only played 50 regular season games and a max of 14 playoff games. Let's wipe all those Montreal championships off the books. And then they played 74 games. And then 80. The current 82-game regular season schedule was only implemented in the mid-nineties. Even when they went to the four rounds of playoffs, the first round of the playoffs used to be best 3 out of five until the mid-eighties. Asterisks for everyone!!

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