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01-03-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
Haha, so if you like the cap system you support owners profits and if you like an uncapped system you support good hockey?

Wow, what a thinking error you've got here. 4-5 teams spending more money than everyone to suck up the league’s entire top end talent not only alienates the other 25 teams in the league and its fans but it by no means results in “high caliber hockey.” It’s a downright selfish/narrow minded view and I really struggle to see how anyone can defend a system that promotes unfair advantages based on market size and individual owner’s willingness to buy high end talent.
I don't think he's a hockey fan; more like a fan of some idealized-fantasy-version of hockey where just a handful of teams composed of top-elite players compete against each other. All-star, all the 25% of the games. The other 75% of the games are blowouts and non-competitive. And this is by some stretch of imagination, going to make the NHL a better product long-term.

Because 'parity is a disease' blah blah blah, and the hockey nowadays is 'unwatchable' and he hasn't been entertained in years apparantly.

Indeed, the current world juniors must be boring as dirt to him right now, unwatchable rubbish because of the underdeveloped, 'not fit for my real NHL' level of play being put on display. A true hockey fan indeed. One who supports 'good hockey'.

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