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Originally Posted by Faithful67 View Post
Ok guys there a couple issues going on so first thing first:

Nobody claim ZIBANEJAD. If you already claimed him the next period trade him to Calgary. I know this is part of roster management but before I did the sim last night the flames sent down 3 guys already. Then the computer called up more guys.

As well as I would like some input on the Couture situation. I believe he should stay on the sharks and he should trade back the picks. One of the main reasons is because he traded away Moulson for 7th round pick. to make space to match the offer. He hads enough money to match him. But since the sim period was 14 days. Everyone knows you only get 7 days to match. So when I did the sim it was too late. That is one reason. The other reason Is Calgary signed a bunch of players in the offseason and since EA is messed even though he didnt have enough money for all of them it still let him sign all of them putting him -7M in cap space. so reality is he didnt have enough money for couture.


Now for the final situation. The goalies do suck in this game. Like for instance Carolina beat me 5-1 in my season opener his goalie was standing on his head. Then I play him again and I win 8-5 his goalie was awful. Everyone does the goals that always go in whither its (back hand forhand), (shooting 5 hole), ( coming across the middle then go short side), or ( coming down a wing and sniping top shelf) fact is everyone should know how to stop these as well as prevent them. So anyways currently the skill level is on pro and the game style is on default. I can change the difficulty to all-star or superstar this will make our goalies alot better. but they will still let in the goals I stated above just not as much.

Ps, I work 4-130 am tonight. So I will do the sim when I get home

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I completely agree with everything you said. As for goalies, well there is nothing we can do about that because its part of NHL 13....We should all be able to stop those shots and give less breakaways....It's just like in real NHL, if the opponent is getting 5+ breakaways every game, you can bet that the scoring will be really high as well! So play tighter D and your goalie will give up less goals.

P.S. I personally has no issues with how goalies are in this games are usually low scoring because I try to play good D. Me and NJ played 2 games and both games were 2-1 because we both played really good defense.

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