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01-03-2013, 04:19 PM
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Over-saturation in Seattle?

There's a thread where market saturation has been discussed for the milwuakee area when it comes to the NHL. This got me thinking of Seattle again. Here's one of the best markets in america in terms of fan support.

The NHL won't come without the NBA, which already has strong roots in the city, and they never left due to a lack of fan support.

The Seahawks do really well,as do most nfl teams

The Mariners are not doing so hot, but the instant they stop being perennial doormats, the fans will be back in that beautiful ballpark. Again, they have deep roots in the city.

The Sounders are a revelation that puts other franchises of that league to shame. By far, the best followed MLS franchise in north america, and its not even remotely close.

Having said all that, where does the NHL fit in? You could argue that this market has reached its saturation point. Funny how timing can make a great deal of difference. Had the NHL broke in before the MLS had a chance to find its niche, it could be the NHL that we would be talking about as the massive hit.

Can the NHL manage to build a large base in this market?

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