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Originally Posted by Islander102 View Post
So then ultimately, what is the point of being 7th instead or 10th? What is the point of finishing with potentially 8-10 more points than a team 3 spots below you to have to play a one game playoff, that you could very well lose and have your season ended?

Whether you call it "playoffs" or not, it further diminishes the importance of regular season games, by a lot.

And eventually, if the NHL gets too greedy, it will hurt regular season interest too. And the regular season is still your main product, hopefully the league doesn't forget that.
The teams in that area of the points curve are usually packed pretty tightly together. 8th place now generally comes down to the last game, so why wouldn't the battle for 6th to avoid a 1-game playoff AND the battle for 10th to get into a 1-game playoff?

You essentially create 2 playoff races in each conference, and there's no way that the 6th to 7th place gap AND the 10th to 11th place gap are both big differentials!

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