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01-03-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by JeremyNYR View Post

2- You make the 7th and 8th place teams "earn it" a little more by requiring them to get through a 1 game play-in. This actually increases the "integrity" of playoff teams slightly even though more teams have a shot at getting in. And hey, they aren't facing the 1st place team, they're facing #9 or #10. If they can't get into the 6th or higher ceed or win the one-game play-in, I don't see them as being robbed of something they earned.
A hockey game isn't a week long Cricket with a final score of 250 to 175! It's just 60 minutes. And so the best team doesn't win 100% of the time against a weaker team. However, over a 7 game series, the best one should come on top.

Like I said before, a single game playoff will eventually end in disaster. It's playing with fire.

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