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Originally Posted by CanadianPirate View Post
I can't see it being that much of a problem even at 60 million. The canucks are at 68 million right now ( Manny Malholtra, Mason Raymond, Chris Higgins, Maxim Lapierre, Andrew Alberts, and Alex Edler are the bigger ufas while Tanev and Weise the bigger rfas. I doubt that Lapierre is due for much of a raise, Higgins might get a small one, I could see Malholtra being re-signed for around a million, Raymond not being brought back, Alberts not being brought back, Tanev a small raise and Weise around the same. The only real issue would be edler but that can be done.

Sedin (6.1)-Sedin (6.1)- Burrows (4.5)
Higgins (2.5 up from 1.9)- Kesler (5)- Booth (4.25)
Hansen (1.35)- Schroeder (1, he is an rfa but hasn't really done anything I don't see why he would get a raise) Lapierre (1.5 up from 1.0)
Weise (.6)- Malholtra (1.0 down from 2.5 he loves it here but will have to take a decrease to stay and there is no reason why he should stay the same)- Kassian (.87)
brings us to 34.77 million on forwards

Bieksa (4.6)- Hamhuis (4.5)
Edler (6.0 lets give him a raise here just hypothetically on the upper end)- Garrison (4.6)
Tanev (1.0 up from .9 hasn't really done anything to go up from that)- Ballard (4.2)
brings us to 24.9 for defense

Schneider (4.0)
Lack (.75)
4.75 for goaltending

So lets see where that bring us to, 64.42 and that is getting rid of Luongo. They would have to get rid of 4.42 million, with two options for doing that, either getting rid of Ballard or Booth. I think if they needed to it could be done but some tough decisions may have to be made. Sorry for the long post, I wrote it out partly for my own satisfaction and curiosity. I don't think that the cap will drop that far, I think between 64-67 is most likely, which can be easily reached. It does look like Luongo will have to go either way and Mason Raymond is most likely gone. It should definitely be interesting.

So some extra thoughts. I wonder if Nicklas Jensen might be a David Booth replacement. It would save money as well as put Jensen in a place to succeed. I also noticed people saying that they don't think that the Canucks could trade booth or ballard. I doubt that would happen. There will always be weak teams who want to hit the cap floor.
I'd argue that Tanev will probably see a contract around 1.7-2.2 million a year. He's a young defenseman on the upward trend whose' had two good seasons, is running a great season in the AHL right now, and has the potential and capability to slot into a top 4 role as soon as next season. If Aarome can get a $1.5 million contract for 3 years, Chris Tanev will definitely get more. Add to the fact that he's one of the few RD on the team, the Canucks will likely want to lock him up for a good mid-length deal.

3 years for $5-7 million is my best guess.

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