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Originally Posted by Stewie G View Post
I admire all of the enthusiasm but the bravado might be getting a bit overboard. People act like having the Seahawks favored in the game is some sort of slap in the face. The Redskins were 2-2 all year against playoff teams and only 1 win during the winning streak was against a playoff squad, and that was an improbable OT win against the Ravens. Combined record of teams faced during the run was 48-64. Seattle closed the season 7-1 against teams with a combined record of 62-64-2.
I'm not sure if it's bravado as much as it's people not being convinced that the Seahawks are some juggernaut team headed here that we should fear. The Hawks were a below average road team this season, and the only win over a team above .500 they got away from CenturyLink was an overtime win over a beat up and dragging Bears team that imploded down the stretch and only got to 10 wins because they were fortunate enough to play the Cards and Lions to end the season, and tbh, they would have lost to the Lions if they didn't hand them the ball multiple times on their side of the field. Literally by every objective metric offered, the Hawks are an appreciably worse road team than home team, to the point that they are basically a different team away from home.

Even down the stretch, during the time that they supposedly got hot, they lost to a very pedestrian Dolphins team, squeaked by the aforementioned Bears team, beat two teams badly in the midst of horrible seasons that wound up with them firing their head coaches after the season, one in a game that was essentially a neutral field game and the other in a game that featured a team receiving historically bad qb play. They beat a 49ers team that played in the previous Monday Night game against a tremendous New England team in NE in what was an emotional roller coaster-type game that was very protracted and likely energy depleting. After that game of the year candidate, the 49ers then had to fly all the way back across the country, prepare for the Hawks and then fly to Seattle in a flight thats essentially like flying from DC to Boston. The Hawks then played an average but feisty Rams team to a draw deep into the fourth quarter at home in a game that saw RW get sacked 6 times.

Think about it, beyond a 3 game spurt, featuring two games against abysmal teams and another against a team that basically had everything stacked against them on the road including an injury to their most valuable defensive player and a clearly rattled (undoubtedly by the great homefield environment in Seattle), inexperienced qb, the Seahawks have been a very average offensive team in the aggregate, and that fact was reinforced by their performance against the Rams. Now, they're flying east to play a team that is themselves playing with confidence, has the no. 4 scoring offense in the league, is playing much better defensively since the bye week (surrendering under 20 point a game since the bye), has played the run really well all season, has tremendous special team coverage units to counterbalance Leon Washington, has the benefit of homefield advantage including all of the trappings that come with it (crowd noise, stadium specific field conditions etc.), and a significantly more experienced and in my opinion higher grade coaching staff. People have whatever degree of confidence they have because they aren't staring down the 90s Cowboys. They are facing a team with a non-elite qb that plays worse across the board away from the confines of their home stadium including defensively. It won't be easy, and the Seahawks certainly can win, but one doesn't have to stretch his mind far to envision a very tight, competitive game that's there to be had in the fourth.

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