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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
They think it will solve all problems, they must not be NFL fans. Even in the NFL fans bicker about the "Bad Markets" like Jacksonville, who even as the worst franchise in the league are making money.

Lets pretend that chopping the bottom 10 teams from the NHL wouldn't damage it's imagine nationally... fans of the top 5 teams would STILL ***** about the 18th, 19th, 20th teams in the league.

The ONLY long-term solution for the NHL is 30/32 markets spread across the continent with at least a decent chance to break even each year. Some fans are just too shortsighted to realize that, but at least they aren't the ones in charge.
Hogwash. Just because the Big 4 currently have ~30 teams/ea. doesn't make it a golden rule that that model is the right one for each respective league. I agree with you that 30 healthy franchises would be nice, but the point is that there may just not be 30 hockey markets in NA. What is CERTAINLY true is that some of the current 30 are NOT hockey markets.

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