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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
If they suddenly cut the salary cap to $60 million the big markets certainly will be. Consider that at the moment their are 16 teams over the $60M mark, with the Rangers being just beneath it for 17. The average cap salary in the league right now is also just a shade over $60M.

There's around $75M in payroll that the top half of the league will have to cut to get back down to the cap, and I doubt the bottom half of the league are really looking to add much in salary. Which means for the top half of the league they're likely going to have to simply buy out or cut free a number of veterans who will probably head to the KHL, and replace them with prospects and farm hands.

So yeah I can't see why the league would want to do this...
plus alot of those teams have either significant rfa's to resign or to replace top end reality there will be only a handful of teams (maybe 4 )able to take on salary and still field a full roster

I agree it doesnt make much sense from athe leagues view

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