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01-03-2013, 06:05 PM
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Well, this took a bit longer than I expected.

Originally Posted by CanuckistanFlyerfan View Post
Gibson was great. Before annointing him anything, I recall Jack Campbell being great in a WJHC. Where's he now? I could name several Canadian goalies I could say the same about over the years. He looks like a good prospect. But he hasn't proven a thing professionally.
He doesn't need to be "annointed" anything. Not having proven a thing professionally is inherently true for any prospect at that level - it doesn't change anything about the subjective value to a hockey club. And when looking at Gibson's play, I feel more confident in his style than in Campbell's, in terms of how good of a basis he has to move his game to the next level. There's no guarantees, obviously. But there's no question whatsoever that he's a premier goaltending prospect, and those hold very real value around the league.

Originally Posted by DeflatedFootball7 View Post
Frederik Andersen (born 2 October 1989) is a Danish ice hockey goaltender, who currently plays for Norfolk Admirals.
That doesn't really contradict what he says, since Andersen can't really be considered a "top notch blue chip goaltending prospect". He's an intruiging project, but he certainly has significant holes in his game that he'll have to work on to make it to the NHL. His numbers in the AHL indicate that even with the struggles he did face, there's some upside, but there shouldn't be any doubts about him being a long-shot, and not coming close to the value of Gibson.

Ultimately, the Ducks most likely won't trade him. They have been looking to achieve some sort of depth in the goalie pipeline for quite a while, and Gibson is the safest bet (he's not a sure bet, obviously, he's just the safest in comparision) to take over from Hiller when he's ready. It's a very comfortable situation for the Ducks, and since we don't really lack prospect depth in any area far more than in net, it's very hard to imagine a deal the Ducks would be tempted with.

Organisations tend to not give away prospects that they have every reason to be excited with.

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