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01-03-2013, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by tantalum View Post
Holding it over the owners heads hasn't really worked at all. From day 1 the owners have been after a 50:50 split, contract term limits, variance limits and a long term CBA. They are going to get all of those things DOI or not. Where the current status of negotiations are is a state the PA could have been at without losing any games. ANything that is fundamentally involved with the financial system is going to end up in the area everybody said the NHL was after with their very first offer....that 50:50 split, term limits around 7 years, limit the amount of variance (this one will likely be higher than they would have liked by 5 or 10%), a 8+ year term. THe players have gained nothing they couldn't have had if they negotiated off the 82 game saving offer way back in October (and well before that actually). The only accomplishment is missing 30+ games, damagining the game to hurt their near term future earnings and potentially threaten the season. For goodness sakes they are threatening DOI again to really nibble around the edges of things now that they've apparently caved on full linkage and no escrow limits.
Well, they've already given up on 50-50. Throwing in $300M "off the books" effectively makes this more like 53-47. That's half the "make whole" money.

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