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Originally Posted by Sakic View Post
I work in a tire shop and would like to chime in Calgary I would be all for a mandatory law. We are busy enough as it is but the amount of cars on the road with bald tires or garbage tires is downright scary.

When all-season tires are made and designed they are barely even considering Canada I'm sure...a market the size of California. All-weather tires are just as bad...everyone thinks they are the best option to winter tires but why? Because they have a mountain snowflake symbol on them? That symbol has become nothing more than a glorified m+s symbol (which used to be the standard for "all-season"). I can't remember the exact number but in order to get stamped with a mountain snowflake symbol you only have to be ~10% better stopping distance than the AVERAGE all-season, not the best. A dedicated winter tire is the safest thing to have installed during the winter.

As some posters have mentioned before it's all about how you drive and people need to learn how. Well guess what? When you're put in a bad position from a bad driver you will be relying on your tires not your ability.

So much effort has been spent trying to cut down on traffic accidents and deaths in Alberta recently (the change to .05 and the distracted driving law) but I'd be extremely surprised if either of those even comes close to the number of accidents caused by winter driving. The first day the snow hits the ground there is >500 accidents.

Bring on the mandatory law, just let me know so I can quit this job before it gets even busier.

Not to mention summer tires, also referred by some as "all season tires", slow you down to a ridiculously low speed (and thus everyone following). And those claiming they never get stuck with summer tires just haven't driven in bad enough weather. Try taking an exit that's blocked by the snow that was cleared off the highway, with 45 cm of snow covering that exit and black ice hiding underneath it. Take the next exit? Yeah, exactly. It's what I did with WINTER tires. Thing is if I had summer tires the next exit wouldn't have been an option either. And I'm not a bad driver.

I should have taken pictures some scenarios I have come across during the huge snow storm we had in Montreal two weeks ago. I guarantee the posters here boasting about their driving skills would suddenly change their minds about summer tires. I'm talking ridiculous amounts of snow that fall at such a rate that city workers can not keep up with its removal.

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