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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Did I say that? How exactly is he one of the best coaches in the league? Saskatchewan had fine special teams last year, but far from world changing. Maybe he is a great coach, hell I don't know, and quite frankly neither do you, unless your inside the locker room, not like the Roughriders destroyed everyone with amazing ST last year. Stop praising this as the greatest thing ever, it's a ST coordinator.

Finally managed to retain some talent, excellent to see. Sears and Watson are good signings. Greaves has had his time to adjust, he improves next year early or he is gone. Palardy had a good season and is solid, but his lack of leg strength is very annoying, hope they bring in somebody to challenge him. January, well whatever. But good on Mack, learned his lesson from the disaster that was last off-season? Maybe, we'll see.

And seriously I have not been checking everyday to see if the Bombers re-sign everybody. Wow, what a terrible fan I am.

C'mon. There is a reason most people hate Mack, he completely and utterly ****ed up last off-season and screwed the team for an entire season, in a league that it only takes one season to turn a franchise around. That's indisputable. It also doesn't mean he can't make good moves, or improve. Just because I think he has been bad so far, does not mean I will think everything he does is bad.
Rough day buddy?

I agree though. Palardy is hardly an extension worth celebrating. They guy can't hit a field goal outside of 35yds and he's easily replaced. Watson and Sears were good resigns though, but I'm not certain why we're celebrating our GM doing his ****ing job.

I get that special teams is important...but I'm with HC on this one. The Bombers have MUCH bigger problems then getting a new ST coordinator.

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