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01-03-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by oilers2k10 View Post
I would not..Eberle looks at another level..his shot is beyond anything in the league right now..seriously.
Hall is a machine, a machine that can put up points..those don't grow on trees..not even pine trees..or oak for that matter..
Yakupov is Ovechkin except he DOES care about defence..he's like Hall except he hasn't proven himself at the NHL level..
RNH is Gretzky junior..transfer him back to the Gretzky era and he puts up similar numbers.

Tavares is great in his own right..but I'm in love with oilers crush love that is. Tavares is like a mix of Bossy and Trottier..and a lil Spezza.
this is why people rag on hall, hate Oiler fans and hate how Oiler fans pump the tires of the young players.
your hyperbole is very embarassing. your only correct comment is Yakupov hasn't proven himself on the NHL level.

hall is a machine. if he was a machine he would have played more than 60 games a year already. and RNH is gretzky jr?

even Eberle. I think he's the real deal and going to be a huge star. but to be realistic, he does have to play as good as last season more than once before he will begin to get his due.

I really hope you just forgot to use a

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