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12-11-2003, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve L
Thats exactly what Boucher is, a headcase. He had one good playoff runs followed by 2 years of terrible play. Noone even wanted him when he was on waivers.
He had 1 year of terrible play. Him and his agent demanded more money after the playoff run. He didn't handle the extra pressure very well that year. The next year he was as good as Cechmanek and they were among the best in the league. My guess on the waivers is his bad year and price tag. Alot of people go on waivers without getting picked up; Cerkawski and Joseph come to mind. Sometimes that's about money. The players loved Boucher.

Why didn't Boosh get the starting job his 3rd year? You have to remember that Barber was coach and Barber was a terrible coach. They succeeded under Neilson, failed under Barber, and are succeeding under Hitchcock. The core is nearly unchanged throughout.