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Originally Posted by DatsyukNumberOne View Post
1. Lift every day, take maybe 1 rest day per week
2. Buy some protein and creatine
3. Don't bother with cardio
4. Use free weights, the machines are for girls and old people
5. Eat as much protein as humanly possible
6. Drink a **** load of water
7. Get good rest every night
8. Don't wear a muscle shirt/tank top to the gym until you look like a Greek God
9. Wear some nice under armour clothes or other workout stuff, don't be showing up to the gym looking like a clown
10. If a bigger, stronger guy asks you how many sets you have left, politely say "I just finished up, you're all set" even if you still had 3 sets left.

Honestly, I'm not going to the gym for a bit until I get used to working out a bit. I have crossbar weights (think that's what they're called) with 100 pounds of weights. Obviously that's high to start out with, but how much is good for a beginner and how long before I add more? Push-ups are obviously good to do but what other things should I do?

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