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01-03-2013, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by bwhinnen View Post
I use swiftwick socks and have not had an issue, even spending 4 - 5 hours on the ice (general skating session and then a game). But mind you my laces are not what I call tight over the toes or even across the top of my foot, so it may simply be the lacing that is contributing to the issue.

Did this start when you swapped to waxed laces? If so it may be that the waxed laces are keeping the laces tight over the front of your feet where the traditional laces would slack off slightly as you skated. Just a thought.
I loosened the laces above the toes even more last night and felt better. Gonna roll with this tactic for awhile and if it changes I will switch from waxed laces to regular.

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