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01-03-2013, 08:15 PM
Rob Scuderi
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I posted charts on each player's career previously, but I want to use this one to show that not all award winners are created equal. There were 18 instances where post-expansion goalies up for voting won a 1st or 2nd berth.

I ranked these awards by Taco's Goals Above Replacement Goaltender (GARG) column. Goal Differential (GD) is also listed in the table. These figures are calculated using SV% so keep the concerns of that metric in mind (arena biases, no accounting for shot quality, etc.)

NameYearTeamGPSV% (League Average)RankGAARankGDGARGAll-Star
Vachon1975LAK54.926 (.890)1/252.242/2561.886.52nd Team
Luongo2004FLA72.931 (.911)32.432749.386.42nd Team
Vanbiesbrouck1994FLA57.924 (.895)22.53457.386.02nd Team
Thomas2011BOS57.938 (.913)12.00146.974.11st Team
Luongo2007VAN76.921 (.905)42.29T635.968.42nd Team
Thomas2009BOS54.933 (.908)12.10141.466.91st Team
Barrasso1993PIT63.901 (.885)43.01331.960.22nd Team
Liut1981STL61.892 (.876)11/313.34T14/3130.658.21st Team
Giacomin1967NYR68.917 (.907)3/62.614/624.055.11st Team
Vachon1977LAK68.903 (.891)8/312.717/3125.053.52nd Team
Vanbiesbrouck1986NYR61.887 (.874)T93.32521.045.31st Team
Giacomin1971NYR45.922 (.903)2/222.162/2223.041.11st Team
Giacomin1968NYR66.915 (.910)6/192.445/1911.539.82nd Team
Giacomin1969NYR70.912 (.908)T7/162.555/168.738.62nd Team
Giacomin1970NYR70.916 (.912)8/152.364/158.537.62nd Team
Barrasso1984BUF42.893 (.873)T32.84223.338.71st Team
Barrasso1985BUF54.887 (.875)52.66116.135.32nd Team
Liut1987HAR59.885 (.880)T123.2388.232.62nd Team

Giacomin's voting record is the best by far, but they also look to be weak awards. His career high of 55.1 GARG was bested by Joseph three separate times (92.6 in '93, 74.4 in '92, 74.0 in '94).

It's interesting to me that Barrasso's Buffalo awards rank near the bottom. His 1998 season, courtesy of the Constantine bump, ranks slightly better than his 1st AST team season with a 47.9 GARG.

I wouldn't have guessed Luongo's two seasons being named a Second Teamer would rank so high either. It's interesting those seasons compares favorably to Thomas's two years leading the league in SV%.

I don't take Vachon's record with the Canadiens too seriously (see the Habs goalies during this period) but I definitely prefer him to Giacomin at this point.

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