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My personal playoff history was pretty unsuccessful , I built a pretty strange team in my first ATD(2011) where I counted too much on Gretzky and Lidstrom and got my ass handed to me against MadArcand , definitely deservedly so.I then participated in all minor drafts in 2011 where I learned some drafting and political strategies but I didn't gain that much knowledge as far as ATD players goes when participating in minor drafts for obvious reasons.

After that came ATD2012 , where my knowledge of ATD players got a serious boost and where I felt I built a near-championship-level team that unfortunately got bounced in the 2nd round.That loss did hurt me in many ways , particularly because of the real time and effort I invested in it but this is part of the game.

I did participate in the MLD2012 but my heart wasn't in it at all so I lost quickly , deservedly so.

I also won the Leafs Forum ATD , and while I definitely robbed someone in a trade that gave me a major advantage , I didn't screw it up and the win was still appreciated.

We're now at ATD2013 , and I'm anxious to see what my team can acheive this time around.

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