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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
I will die of old age long before any of that happens.
We want the World and we want it... NOW as Jim Morrison once railed, and unfortunately, you cant have it. No Siree schminksbro. So ya, you might not be around when 18yr olds from Chattanooga to Tehachapi are going 2 & 7 in the Draft, but ultimately, thats the goal, the objective, and its' going to happen.... imagine when the naturally talented & gifted athletes in the South & Southwest pickup a stick & skates instead of a bat, basket or football & have access to rinks, coaching & leagues? Bigger, faster, stronger. Europe & Canadas' developmental systems, the raw numbers are stagnating, the real growth potential is & always really has been in the US. So rather than complain about it, you mebbe should look into Reincarnation as your New Religion. Give yourself something to look forward to.

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